M&M Flavors You May Not Have Heard Of

M&M Flavors You May Not Have Heard Of

The different flavors of M&Ms that aren’t as common as the regular and peanut flavors.

This is a fun little article to inform you of some of the flavors m&m has to offer that you may haven’t of heard of. The reason for me writing this article is that one day I wanted to buy a treat. I went down to the store to see what they had and I saw peanut butter flavored m&ms. Loving peanut butter I bought them and ate them. They tasted great. The interesting thing is that nobody I knew had heard of them before. So I decided to do a little research and see what other flavors m&m has.

Peanut Butter M&Ms

Unlike peanut m&ms this just has peanut butter in it. Same chocolate outside with just a peanut butter inside. Great choice for peanut butter or Reese’s Pieces lovers.

Dark Chocolate M&Ms

Similar to regular m&ms only with dark chocolate rather than just normal chocolate. There is also a dark chocolate peanut m&m flavor for dark chocolate peanut lovers.

Mint Crisp M&Ms

Mint chocolate flavored m&ms. If you like mint chocolate this is the flavor to buy, but if you want it you had better buy it soon for this flavor is limited time only.

Almond M&Ms

These, like peanut m&ms, have a nut in them. Instead of it being peanuts, this time it is almonds. A good choice for chocolate almond lovers.

Wildly Cherry M&Ms

This is the final flavor. Wildly cherry m&ms are cherry chocolates. This one, like the mint flavored m&ms, are also limited time only.

I hope that all of you get a chance to try out all the wonderful m&ms flavors. Even if you don’t like m&ms I hope you enjoy see what kinds are out there.

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Liane Schmidt, posted this comment on Jul 23rd, 2008

Cute article.

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.

Rookie Expert, posted this comment on Jul 23rd, 2008

I never know they had dark chocolate M&M’s! You gave me something new to look for next time i go shopping.

RJ Evans, posted this comment on Oct 10th, 2008

Dark chocolate…. ! Yeah, I am with Rookie Expert on this!

sanya, posted this comment on Apr 12th, 2009

at one point there were dulce de leche m & m’s. came out the same year the dark ones did. A friend just told me about it, never actually tasted them myself.

We only get peanut, regular , almond and crispy here in the Philippines. grrrr!!!

Jay clough, posted this comment on Jun 15th, 2009

We only get regular chocoalate and peanut M&Ms in Britain. Drat and double drat Muttley!

Erv', posted this comment on Jan 2nd, 2010

There are also coconut flavored m&ms

Cadoink, posted this comment on Jan 2nd, 2010

Yes. Those came out after I had written this article. I should update it.

Susie Corletto, posted this comment on Jan 22nd, 2010

I think there were Kix m&ms before when i was smaller.
Kix as in the cereal. I want to prove my friend right but i can’t seem to track them down.

P, posted this comment on Jan 29th, 2010

Is there pretzel m&ms

Cazly, posted this comment on May 13th, 2011

Pretzel are the BEST.

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